Faculty Grants

Research grants are awarded annually to faculty and staff, with a goal of advancing community-wide learning and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion-related topics and of deepening our efforts to make our school learning environment equitable and inclusive for all students and community members.

Cassandre Milard, Primary specialized support teacher

To help faculty and staff create more inclusive classroom environments with their students through a series of seven optional training sessions for all faculty and staff called, "Let's Talk: Facilitating Critical Conversations with Ourselves and Our Students." Her sessions include educational videos and research on implicit and unconscious bias, and classroom best-practices, followed by break-out groups for discussion, reflection and sharing. Cassandre has also led a training for eighth-grade student delegates on managing difficult conversations.
Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work is continuous, long-lasting work that goes beyond a single workshop, a guest speaker or one training day. Organizational change does not happen with one person; it happens with the efforts of the community.  

Portia Morrell, Secondary computer science teacher and faculty advisor to our student DEI clubs

To build stronger connections between our DEI activities among students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. Working with history-geography teacher, Carine Gibert, she has created a pilot program to guide 10 parents through a full intercultural mindset shift in four sessions. Participants include Board members, members of our parents association and parent DEI groups, with lessons learned will be integrated into new programming for parents-guardians.
[Students are] learning who they are and who they want to become... No one realizes that their identity as female or male, black or white, is directly linked to diversity, but it is. To me, diversity and identity are the same, even though the students and teachers do not label it as such.

Previous grants were awarded to:

  • Lycée librarians Maud Leger and Zhora Tsouri to bring a greater diversity of perspectives into our Primary and Secondary library collections
  • Dr. Arthur Plaza, Head of History-Geography, to research and develop curricula in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Rachel Stepanek, Primary school teacher, to create a learning guide for teachers on how to enter into conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion with Primary-school age students. 

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Grantees write about their work and experiences for the school's blog:

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