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Summer and Weekend Activities

French Immersion Summer Camp

Our mission is to create a creative and playful environment in which children aged 3 to 9 learn and have fun through innovative activities. Our participants from around the world will be warmly welcomed and will immerse themselves fully in the French language.

Camp Dates 2024!

1st week: June 24 to June 28 - Fee $1100
2nd week: July 1 to July 5 (No camp July 4th) - Fee $880
3rd week: July 8 to July 12 - Fee $1100

Hours: 9am to 3pm 
Early drop off at 8:30am and late pick up 4pm for a fee.

Contact Us:

List of 2 members.

  • Zara Ruelle 

    Director of Afterschool Activities
  • Martin Ndong 

    Assistant to the Director of After School Activities

Our Summer Camps

Welcome to Summer Camp at Lycée Français de New York!

The Lycée has been a leader in bilingual education for over 85 years, supporting and inspiring thousands of students from all over the world through our rigorous academic program, unique resources, and a creative approach to learning inside and outside the classroom. We maintain the same level of commitment for our summer camp, where we celebrate the start of the summer season by providing enjoyable activities that children love, all aimed at enhancing their French language learning experience. 

Summer Camp at the Lycée is a lively,  imaginative program created and taught by French-speaking teachers and educators from the Lycée's academic and extracurricular initiatives. Every summer, we warmly welcome a diverse, multilingual audience. Our activities are thoughtfully curated to ensure that everyone can learn, have fun, and relish this inclusive and enriching experience. Proficiency in French is not a prerequisite for camp participation.

The schedule is meticulously crafted for young campers to nurture their curiosity and enhance their proficiency in French.

Camp Éveil: from 3 years old

Awakening fun and enjoyment is precisely what awaits our youngest participants this summer! Our day camp offers a wide range of activities specially designed for young children:

  • Sensory exploration: campers thrive as they explore the world through sensory experiences, all the while exercising their fine motor skills.
  • Developing creativity: from watercolor to gouache, from chalk to pastel, from collage technique to paper mâché, nothing is too beautiful or too messy to help campers tap their inner artist
  • Creating first friendships: a warm, reassuring environment guided by French-speaking camp counselors specializing in early childhood creates a safe environment to build first friendships
  • Exploring the French language: children learn French through play, songs, and nursery rhymes! Every moment of the day is an opportunity to become familiar with the language both in class and during playtimes on the roof, in our music room, and even in our beautiful gym.
  • Developing taste buds: campers discover new flavors and textures thanks to our French Chef who creates simple but tasty dishes that tiny hands to create together
  • Body movement: becoming aware of one's body to feel fit and develop motor skills! Campers participate in movement activities in our "motricity room," including obstacle courses, play with balls, engage in games, and climb. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to cool off on the playground roof with our outdoor sprinklers.
  • Discovering the school: children and families immerse themselves in the school environment, get a feel for its atmosphere, and meet new families.

DISCOVERY CAMP: 4 and 5 years old

Children make friends from around the world and engage in immersive activities centered on the French language, cooking, storytelling, art, and theater, a catalyst to enrich their French vocabulary.

  • Artistic exploration: guided by a French art teacher, children experiment with various artistic techniques such as collage, paper mâché, or even 3D construction, drawing inspiration from famous artists to create their own masterpieces.
  • Culinary adventures: led by a French chef, children prepare simple but delicious dishes such as bread, fruit tarts, and cookies. They receive recipes and samples to share with their families at home.
  • Playground: our school has a rooftop playground that provides opportunities for fun activities and sharing with new friends. During summer camp, we set up water games in our sprinklers for cooler fun and laughter
  • Theatrical exploration: through theatrical narration, storytelling, and imaginative exploration, young actors improve their mastery of French and develop a deeper appreciation for the arts.
  • Sports: in our fully equipped gymnasium, young campers will take part in a variety of sports activities, such as obstacle courses, ball games, soccer, and scooter riding for the little ones. These activities help strengthen motor skills, cooperation, and teamwork!

EXPLORATION CAMP: 6 and 7 years old

The Lycée's Summer Camp is tailored to children with different levels of French and offers a unique opportunity to explore the arts and sports, while immersed in a French-speaking environment:

  • Artistic exploration: campers engage in hands-on exploration by experimenting with various artistic techniques, materials and concepts to nurture their creativity.
  • Culinary exploration: campers discover the secrets of traditional French cuisine such as baguettes and brioche. Supported by a French chef, young cooks get their hands dirty and take home what they have prepared.
  • Sports exploration: campers participate in dynamic games, sports, running races, and obstacle courses using our state-of-the-art school gym.
  • French immersion: students hone their French skills by immersing themselves in the art of theatrical narration, storytelling, and imaginative exploration. In collaboration with a professional French actor and a theater teacher, they improvise, create, and stage their own play while deepening their vocabulary.


With opportunities to build French through theater, sports and the arts, campers will have an engaging week of activities that build confidence in French, spark creativity and inspire fun.

  • French: campers improve French skills and enrich their vocabulary through the art of theatrical narration, storytelling, and imaginative exploration. Campers will work in groups with a theater teacher to create and present their own play incorporating elements of improvisation in the realm of theater arts.
  • Sports: children will participate in various sports activities, including soccer, basketball, obstacle courses, ping-pong, flag football, as well as interactive games in our state-of-the-art school gym.
  • Art: students will participate in art classes led by a French artist, encouraging creativity through the use of different artistic media.

Here is an example of a typical schedule:

Cancellation policy
Full Refunds Before May 30:
Cancel before May 30 for a full refund. Refunds processed within 10 business days using the original payment method.
No Refunds After May 30:
Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for cancellations after May 30.
Exceptional Circumstances:
Refund requests post-May 30 considered for documented emergencies.
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