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Being Bilingual

Learning a language is a most rewarding intellectual adventure for young minds. Becoming truly bilingual, especially in our culturally immersive environment, opens students up to other cultures in a genuine way. They gain a deeper understanding of the values, beliefs and customs of other cultures and an ability to move seamlessly between them. We cannot think of a more valuable preparation for life in our globally connected century.

Nicolas L'Hotellier, Assistant Head of School, Director of Secondary

What has always inspired me, since I first set foot here, is our students, and the balance they find in being so curious and having a broad general culture. That curiosity, that intelligence comes from speaking all those languages and experiencing so many cultures.
At the Lycée Français de New York, bilingualism is an inherent part of everyday life for our students. They gain full native fluency in both language and culture, as they move fluidly between our two core languages and cultures in an international environment each day. In the classroom, on the playground, in the field and on the stage, they engage with native-French and native-English speaking teachers, coaches, leaders and staff, and each other.

All of our students are (or become!) bilingual in English and French, and a full 30% speak at least three languages or more. This deep exposure to language and culture offers extraordinary, research-based benefits for students throughout their lives.

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  • A Gateway

    According to the International Organization of Francophonie, French is the fastest growing language in the world, with a full 750 million people expected to speak French by 2050. 
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  • A Nimble Brain

    The work of Canadian psycholinguist, Ellen Bialystok, points to the agile brains of bilinguals. Bilinguals are efficient in their cognitive function and better at discerning the essential from the non-essential. 
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  • A Creative Problem Solver

    We talk much about fostering in students the courage to create and to invent at the Lycée. We are fortunate in that their bilingualism is an inherently strong jumping off point. 
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  • An Empathetic Communicator

    As documented in the New York Times, recent studies show that bilinguals exhibit greater empathy in communication with others...
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