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About Us

Head of School

Dear families,

We are thrilled you are exploring the Lycée for your children.

Now in its 85th year, the Lycée Français de New York today is a unique, bilingual institution that combines a core French curriculum with teaching philosophies of the best independent schools here in New York City and a cultural mix all our own.

There is magic in the classroom at the Lycée. Our teachers make it happen, every day. It begins in the Primary with an intensive focus on French and English language acquisition and the fundamentals of learning: reading, writing, mathematics, and the tools, cultural and other, to explore and understand the world around us.  We marvel at the speed with which our Preschoolers become truly bilingual, and also pluricultural, as they learn to thrive with peers from many different origins.

In the Secondary, the renowned rigor of the French system takes hold. As our students develop the analytical skills that allow for advanced academic work across the humanities and sciences, they also strengthen their sense of selves, as leaders and independent thinkers, with a path of their own to explore. Co-curricular activities abound, helping them shape their journey towards higher education.

At all levels, each student is guided by the Lycée's faculty, who hold advanced degrees from French universities or in their respective disciplines from American ones. Many of them have lived and worked around the world. Their natural curiosity, eagerness to learn and innovate and their openness to other cultures nourishes their interactions with our students in profound ways. 

The Lycée is a unique mosaic of identities, with over 60 nationalities and more languages than we can count among us. This diversity of people and voices gives rise to lively debates and deep conversations, all of which are excellent preparation for a world that is ever more complex and interconnected. When each student leaves us, we know that they are prepared to examine issues with a critical and analytical lens, one which is grounded in empathy and attuned to the specificities of culture and place.

In many ways, the Lycée has been my home for more than 25 years. My three sons are former students of the Lycée, and I have served previously both as a member of the board of trustees and as chief financial officer. Throughout my time here, I have noted three constants: a commitment to excellence and rigor in teaching and learning, a deep caring for children as unique selves, and a belief in the power of a bilingual education to shape engaged and informed young people who seek to interact deeply with the world around them. Citizens of culture and courage indeed, at home in the world. 

I invite you to explore the Lycée, and all that it has to offer your children.

Bien à vous,

Evelyne Estey

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