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Head of School


On behalf of our community of families, teachers and staff, I thank you for your interest in the Lycée Français de New York for your child, and your family.

Founded in 1935, the Lycée is a renowned French and American school, offering an authentic, immersive bilingual and decidedly 21st-Century educational experience for students from around the world. Our families join us from France and the United States, yes, but also from Spain and Italy, from Morocco, Lebanon, Haiti, Brazil and Peru, from China, Japan, Korea and India—over 68 nationalities in all. As you will discover, a Lycée education is rigorous and creative; classical and innovative, preparing students for post-Secondary study and life. Our graduates attend top universities and colleges in many fields of study around the world with a large percentage choosing to study in North America.

Lycée students follow a French academic program taught by French-trained teachers and celebrated internationally for its depth, breadth and rigor. Our curriculum integrates a project-based, cross-disciplinary approach, as well as an American program, taught in English by U.S.-trained teachers. With technology-enhanced classrooms, along with creative art, maker and media spaces, including a film production studio, the Lycée's learning environment offers our teaching team extraordinary resources to engage students deeply in their learning at every level.

The Lycée's school motto, "Citizens of Culture and Courage," is inspired by the French idea of culture générale and is enhanced by the experiences our students gain from living and studying in French and English in a community of students, faculty, staff and families who are international, with eyes, ears, hearts and minds open to the world.

As educators, we are here to help give students access to many perspectives, to be great thinkers, innovators and leaders. We are also here to make sure that these different points of view are explored, respected and valued. Students must know what we have in common and respect our differences, for this openness fosters in them a desire to contribute to society in a larger way and make a positive difference to the world around them.

Our founder, Charles de Ferry de Fontnouvelle said: “Our students are called upon not only to receive and grow, but also to contribute. They are required to give something of themselves to each and every one of their fellows, and indeed to the school itself, which we view as a living entity.” Nearly 100 years later, as the Lycée’s current Head of School, I most definitely agree with him.

Education begins with a fundamental bedrock of well-being, for children learn and connect with others when they feel safe, cared for and understood by us. At the Lycée, specific social emotional programs give our students the tools to cope with today’s complex world, and we, as educators, need to know what “makes them tick.”  In partnership with our families, we are here to help our students find out who they are and guide them on a path, to challenge them, to encourage them and also to nurture them.

We look forward to meeting you and to getting to know your child, as you explore the extraordinary gift of a bilingual, culturally immersive education at the Lycée Français de New York.

Our Admissions Office will guide you.

Audrey Peverelli
Head of School