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About Us

Head of School

Bienvenue and welcome ! 

We are delighted you are exploring the Lycée Français de New York for your children and family. 

Our mission to educate "Citizens of Culture and Courage" embodies what we endeavor to accomplish for each of our students: that they be active, engaged citizens, open to the world and with confidence and agency to forge their own path.

An education at the Lycée Français de New York is shaped by our 85+-year history and a global outlook oriented to the future. Three core elements of our identity guide us in all that we do: the renowned rigor and excellence of a French education; the drive, creativity and ingenuity of New York City; and an independent school ethos that nurtures the curiosity, joy and well-being of every student.

French and English are languages of learning at the Lycée in a community of teachers, staff and students who bring their many different backgrounds, origins, beliefs and experiences to the school each day. This exposure to other cultures and points of view is central to the Lycée experience and is nurtured in our students from their earliest years here.  

Supporting this approach are principles that guide student learning in all that we do:

First is a growth mindset--a belief that talent and potential are not fixed qualities. In the classroom, on the field, in the lab, on stage, our students are encouraged to explore their interests and take on new challenges with a goal of growing and developing as individuals.

Second is that growth and development is built from the quality of the human relationships that we establish both with each other, and especially between our teachers and students. While we embrace technology and the extraordinary progress of this era, it is only with deep human connections that our students can flourish. 

Third is student agency. All of our students have the opportunity to make choices in directing their own learning and in making an impact in the world today. Through classroom projects, cross-cultural classes, extracurricular choices, leadership opportunities, our students learn to know themselves, discovering new interests and talents along the way.

It is with this emphasis on growing, relating and acting together in this French bilingual and pluricultural school that they will become "Citizens of Culture and Courage," at home in the world and inspired to make a positive difference wherever they go. 

David Hawley

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