Culture and the Arts

The performing, visual, and musical arts are central to the Lycée experience. We believe that our students become more adept learners, passionate problem-solvers, and, most importantly, culturally aware citizens through their experience with the arts.
In the same way that bilingualism broadens understanding and empathy, so too does an appreciation and understanding of others through artistic expression across disciplines. This cultural competency, this openness and understanding of other cultures through their art, supports our students in their lives long after they leave the Lycée, with many students pursuing college study and careers in the performing arts, visual art and art history.

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  • Visual Arts

    From Primary through Secondary, the visual arts play an important part across classroom activities. Specifically, the Primary school has a dedicated art room, where students develop fine motor skills and creativity through the arts of drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics and more. Deeply integrated into the curriculum, especially through our project-based learning programs, students learn about art history, storytelling and tap their creativity to bring their learning to life.
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  • Music and Theater Arts

    From movement, song and dance in the preschool to music classes and annual class performances in the elementary school, our students take center stage in the Lycée's auditorium all year long, developing confidence in themselves as presenters, creators of music, singers and dancers.
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  • A Dedicated Cultural Center

    Our Cultural Center is literally right in the middle of our campus, with a mission to enrich the curriculum of the Lycée through the arts. A purpose-built, professional-grade performing space, its 354 seats are packed with students and parents experiencing the magic of school performances in dance, music and theater. The Lycée offers endless in and after-school opportunities. The Center also offers a variety of daytime lectures, films, and panel-discussions that are developed with teachers to complement what students are learning in class.