College Counseling

The College Counseling Office is a gateway to our students from the Lycée to life far beyond. Our students come from all over the world, and they bring fascinating life experiences with them.

Our college counselors work one-on-one with students as they prepare to apply to colleges, universities, CPGEs (Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles), and other academic programs all over the world. Our team brings extensive knowledge and understanding of the U.S., French, the UK, and Canadian application processes, as well as dual-degree international programs. To remain current, our college counselors travel all over the world to visit colleges and meet with admissions professionals.

Gail Berson, Director of College Counseling

Our students come to the conversation about post-secondary education with unique experiences: achievement in a rigorous academic program, knowledge of an inter-connected world, and a commitment to make a difference in it throughout their lives. In turn, we - as college counselors - listen, support and guide them and their families in preparation for the transition from the Lycée to the next step in their educational journey.

College Counselors

To support their unique profile, the Lycée's College Counseling Office is a team of five professionals with deep experience in international higher education and admissions, as well as counseling and support. Working always with our students’ interests and passions in mind, the team's mission is:
  • to educate each student about their post-Baccalaureate options
  • to serve as a trusted resource for advice about the application process, and 
  • to empower students in their decision-making.

Individual Support for Students

One-to-one meetings and special daytime and evening programs are complemented by visits from college admissions professionals. With ongoing reflection and program innovation to meet the evolving needs of our unique international community, as well as extensive collaboration with college counseling teams across the country, the Lycée's College Counseling Office is one of the most robust college counseling programs in the country.

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  • 9th Grade

    Evening programs for parents provide context for the college application process abroad and in the U.S., information on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, financial aid, college admission standards, and co-curricular activities.
  • 10th Grade

    Evening programming for parents is complemented by a 10th-grade retreat with the entire college-counseling team and their advisors. Over two days, students explore their interests, career opportunities, discuss leadership and begin to discover the possibilities of life beyond the Lycée. Small group meetings with parents are designed to provide a forum to answer questions and provide points of education for parents whose children are seeking educational systems different from the ones they already know.
  • 11th Grade

    In January, an initial family meeting is scheduled with each student’s assigned counselor. Students then continue to meet one-on-one with members of the college counseling team, depending on their areas of interest and countries they are exploring for higher education. Guidance on making college visits, choosing an area of study, and financial aid are all topics of conversation.
  • 12th Grade

    Work intensifies with workshops on writing college essays and college interviews, as well as one-on-one meetings with their counselor to talk about making a college list and ongoing support in making choices—from first acceptance all the way through the completion of the French Baccalaureate Exams. University recruiters from all over the world provide insight on academic opportunities and campus life at their institutions during their visits to the Lycée. 

SAT/ACT test prep

The College Counseling Office oversees an SAT Prep program designed to complement the unique curriculum of the Lycée. The course is available for all 10th- and 11th-grade students exploring college admissions in the U.S. Classes are led by outside experts and take place at special times during the regular school day, with practice SAT tests offered throughout the school year.