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Middle School | Grade 6-8

At the Middle School level, the Lycée takes the rigorous French curriculum as its starting point and embeds the best practices of both French and American styles of teaching and learning — all in a bilingual setting.
Middle-School years constitute a crucial transition period for students, with developmental opportunities and risks that have a lifelong impact on them. These years are ones of expanding discovery and exploration, where students are further encouraged to take academic risks, accept challenges as part of the learning process and also begin to develop their sense of agency. 

To better guide and support Lycée students along these crucial developmental stages, our Middle School comprises sixth to eighth grade, a departure from the French system where Middle School, or collège, includes ninth grade.
    • MARCHINI-BLOCK Daphnée portrait

Daphnée Marchini-Block, Head of Middle School

We aim to foster a rich learning environment where students can develop effective learning habits and skills, discover the spirit of collaboration, and cultivate an open and curious mind. Middle school is an opportunity for students to connect with their unique values and vision for future endeavors, preparing them for high school and beyond.

Our Bilingual Approach

As is the case across the Lycée, French and English are languages of learning in Middle School. Starting in sixth grade, our students choose to spend up to 35 percent of their class time in English, depending on their interests and future plans. Students follow the French curriculum integrated with classes found in the best NYC independent schools and taught by US-educated teachers. 

Coursework is enhanced with the support of our Digital Learning Team, which works with our teachers to integrate technology, as well as digital media, storytelling and making into their coursework with students.

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  • Literature

    Every student takes French and English literature, continuing their studies of grammar, writing and reading comprehension, as any student in a French or American school would do. French literature is taught in French by a Francophone teacher and English literature is in English taught by an Anglophone teacher. 

    Students flourish in a cross-cultural learning environment as they are introduced to major authors of both cultures across centuries from Ionesco to Molière, Shakespeare to Morrison. Students may elect to take Latin to broaden their understanding of essential texts of world literature and philosophy.
  • History and Geography

    Each scholastic year, students choose to take history and geography in English or in French, with a focus on global studies. Knowledge of civilizations and world geography; an understanding of the complexity of economic, social, political, and cultural structures; and development of skills in argument and critical thought are vital tools to help our students grasp the major issues facing our interconnected, pluricultural world.
  • Science

    In science, which includes a study of the scientific method, at each grade level students take a yearlong class that covers biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. Students do extensive classroom and laboratory work in our state-of-art science laboratories.
  • Math and Computer Science

    Our math program is rooted in the French curriculum, celebrated around the world for its rigor and level of study. Students learn key concepts in algebra, geometry and pre-calculus. All Middle School students take computer science each year. The program covers technical aspects such as programming, coding, and modeling, as well as digital citizenship and technology ethics.
  • World Languages

    In addition to French and English, students choose a third language starting in sixth grade: Arabic, German, Italian, Mandarin or Spanish. Students continue studying their chosen language through 12th grade. 
  • Music and Fine Art

    Music and visual arts play an integral part in the program throughout Middle School. Students take visual arts classes in either English or French with our art team. Their course of study includes art history and development of technical skills in drawing, painting and sculpture. In music, students explore music appreciation, composition and even basic theory in our dedicated music room.

    The Metropolitan Opera, New York Philharmonic, Jazz at Lincoln Center, MOMA, The Met, and the Whitney provide great out-of-school opportunities for our students to experience some of the world’s best live performances and art museums.
  • Physical and Sports Education (EPS, l'éducation physique et sportive)

    The French curriculum values physical and sports education at the same level as other academic subjects and is part of the French Baccalaureate exams. Through the study of physical education, students develop coordination, resilience, and the refinement of motor skills. They also learn the fundamentals and rules of many sports and learn to collaborate with teammates and compete fairly.
  • Parcours for cross-disciplinary study

    Students in grade seven to nine participate in non-graded project-based courses that bring various areas of study together. They may use art and math to create scale models of rooms, or computer science and French to develop interactive narrative video games. 

    In sixth and seventh grade, students also learn skills to support their health, well-being and academic success. Students learn about how to manage the many changes they are experiencing during the middle years, how to develop learning and study strategies, how to combat negativity and support their peers through this important developmental stage. 

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