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Student Life


Each year, the Lycée's Cultural Center welcomes artists from an array of backgrounds to lead workshops with students for several weeks. From writing to cooking, dancing, drawing, sculpture or music, the Artist-in-Residence Program enriches the curriculum and fosters student creativity.

A renowned artist

Each year, five grades from elementary to high school have the chance to establish a privileged relationship with a renowned artist in various artistic fields. Together, they work on a project imagined by the artists themselves, always in the continuity of the school curriculum.

During the year 2023-24:

  • First-grade students were introduced to Creole music, dance and culture with Haitian songstress Emeline Michel.

  • Third-grade students created their own fabric frescos with designer Elodie Blanchard.

  • Fifth-grade students discovered Hip-Hop with dancers Aurelien Kairo et Karla Pollux from Compagnie De Fakto. Together, they created fun and energetic pieces of choreography.

  • Eighth-grade students had fun learning self-expression through dance and creating beautiful choreography with Battery Dance Company.

  • Finally, tenth-grade students learned how to photograph movement with artist Denis Darzacq.
    • Emeline Michel, 2024

    • Elodie Blanchard, 2024

Pascale Richard, Director of the Cultural Center

The Artist-in-Residence Program offers every student, at each stage of their development, the opportunity to create with a working artist from a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences. Our purpose is to foster in students the capacity to take creative risks and confidence in their creativity, and to experience the joy of collaborating with the artist and their classmates.

A Diversity of Approaches and Experiences

The Cultural Center welcomes artists from many different backgrounds and experiences, just like our students!  Each artist brings their unique perspective into their residency, which helps to build strong connections with the students, foster confidence in their creativity and explore artforms they may not have encountered otherwise. 

A final project, shared with families

At the end of each residency, families are invited to a final show, in the presence of the artist, in order to discover the end project, the result of research, creation and collaboration between students, artists and their teachers. It may take the form of a show in the auditorium, an exhibition, or even a tasting.

Residency with Éric Ripert

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