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Leaders in their fields, the employees of the Lycée Français de New York are the cornerstone of the remarkable education we provide to our students. A diverse, mission-driven and highly collaborative team, our employees are innovative, hard-working and friendly. We seek team members who exemplify the values so important to us in our mission, a passion for education with a focus always on our students, and who seek challenging and rewarding careers.
The Lycée Français de New York is an equal opportunity employer committed to building a diverse staff and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals. The School can hire only those individuals who are lawfully authorized to work in the United States as of the date employment is to begin.

This page offers you the opportunity to apply to teaching, academic support and administrative positions. To support and nurture our employees, we offer a generous suite of benefits, including:
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Sick leave
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • 403(b), including employer match after employee has reached tenure mark
  • Generous paid vacation and holidays
  • Professional development opportunities

Exchange Visitor Program (J1 Visa)

The Lycée Français de New York has been a designated Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor for Teachers since 1961.
Over the past five decades, the Lycée has received dozens of foreign teachers, mostly from France. These exchanges have enriched our participants by allowing them to experience first hand American society and culture, along with its educational system. They act as ambassadors of their home countries, sharing with colleagues and students their own culture and "savoir faire".
Indeed, the Lycée Exchange Visitor Program is a unique opportunity for our foreign teachers to sharpen their professional skills by experiencing a new educational philosophy and to perfect their knowledge of the English language. Once they complete the program and return to their respective home countries, our foreign teachers are able to share their newly acquired knowledge and experiences with their peers, and by doing so, help promote mutual understanding between people of the U.S. and people of their home country. Click here for more information.

Open Positions

Teacher Positions

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  • Project-Based Learning Integrator: Media and Making

    (Primary and Secondary Schools)

    Reports to: Director of Digital Learning
    Schedule: 10 month position: 4 ½ days Monday - Friday (10am-6pm), ½ day on the weekend
    Start Date: 8/13/18

    The Lycée Français de New York has adopted a project-based learning approach in order to foster a student-centered learning experience. In order to cultivate project-based teaching and learning, The Lycée has developed new schedules for faculty and students and has constructed new creative spaces -- a media lab and a maker space. The project-based learning integrator will provide opportunities for authentic student work within the Lycée and with outside partners. The position will combine teaching, coaching faculty, coordination, and assisting the Lycée in the management of the media lab and maker space.

    Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Teaching
      • Work with the Multimedia Integrator and Maker Integrator to continue to improve curricula and teach courses (grades 3-12) that foster students' 21st century skills.
      • Develop new early childhood (PreK-2nd grade) curricula that introduce design, media and making skills, for the purpose of integrating with project-based learning efforts in the classroom.
      • Co-teach alongside homeroom or subject teachers to incorporate project-based learning strategies, as well as skills associated with media or making (PreK -12th grade).
      • Guide independent study of students , both during the school day, after school, and on weekend half-days.
      • Plan and lead clubs with the goal of fostering student project-management, media or making skills.
    • Coaching Faculty
      • Design, coordinate and provide professional learning opportunities for faculty and staff about the implementation of project-based learning.
      • Meet with teachers in small groups or one-on-one to assist them in developing project-based units and lessons.
      • Provide a "tool kit" of consistent resources that teachers can use across subjects and grade levels when designing and implementing projects.
      • Develop mechanisms for sharing project successes and challenges among the faculty.
      • Accompany the secondary school faculty as PBL is rolled out in additional levels.
    • Management of Media Lab and Maker Space
      • Manage equipment and follow the checkout system for students and faculty.
      • Assist with scheduling class and individual access to the spaces.
      • Make purchasing suggestions to Multimedia Integrator and Maker Integrator
      • Collaborate with the Multimedia Integrator and Maker Integrator to streamline processes such as checkout procedures and training protocols.
      • Collaborate with the Maker Integrator to maintain safety and emergency procedures and documentation related to the Maker Space.

    Chief Personal Characteristics:
    • Passionate about student-centered learning, project-based learning and the application of media, technology and tinkering to support these methods.
    • Comfortable with a hands-on approach, the use of hand tools, electronics, physical computing, open source hardware and software, and desktop fabrication.
    • Experienced as a practitioner and mentor in media and making processes
    • Skilled at leveraging the talents of others and solving problems.
    • Strong interpersonal skills, collaborative skills, and customer service orientation.
    • Proactive, solutions-oriented mindset.
    • Ability and desire to work in a team environment.
    • Professional, gracious attitude at all times.
    • Excellent written and spoken communication skills; fluency in French and English preferred.
    • Strong organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.
    • Ability to work with adults and students of various competency levels.
    • Motivation for learning through professional development and certification training as required by the school  and self-identified.
    • Expertise in teaching the French curriculum is preferred.

    School Philosophy:

    The Lycée Français de New York is steadfast in its purpose to prepare our students today to be the thinkers, innovators and leaders of tomorrow and is committed to mission-driven goals among which:

    • Advancing Student Achievement through bilingual, pluricultural education of the highest caliber,
    • Designing a learning environment that cultivates curiosity, creativity, independent thinking, intercultural collaboration and communication,
    • Equipping all students to thrive in a science-, technology-, engineering- and mathematics intensive world,
    • Nurturing the social and emotional learning of students across our challenging program,
    • Providing educational support that meets each student's needs and interests,
    • Fostering personal growth,
    • Developing artistic exploration,
    • Promoting School spirit and our place in the New York community by deepen volunteering among students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni,


    • Evenings/Weekends
      • Ability and willingness to participate in events outside the workday schedule.
      • Must be available on occasion to work evenings and weekends.
    • All members of the Digital Learning and IT teams must return from summer vacation the week prior to new teacher orientation (three weeks prior to students' return to class).

    Applications must be submitted online by using the link provided, and any required supporting documentation (cover letter and resume) must be uploaded  via the application form. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, and the position will remain open until filled.

    Lycée provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment.
  • Secondary English Teacher

    Lycée Français de New York, a French-American school with a strong English program, has an opening for an secondary English teacher for 2018-2019.  We are looking for a teacher who: 
    • is interested in working in a bilingual French/English setting
    • has experience teaching English in grades 6-12 – AP English experience preferred
    • has a BA and MA in English 
    • has strong writing and speaking skills
    • is innovative and technology-savvy
    • enjoys collaborating on curriculum and project-based learning 
    • is adaptable, flexible, and willing to teach several different grades
    • has some proficiency in French and is willing to learn more
    How to Apply: Interested candidates should send a cover letter and current resume detailing their interest in the position and specific evidence of their qualifications to:
    Apply here. No phone calls please.
    LFNY is an equal opportunity employer committed to building a diverse staff and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals. The School can hire only those individuals who are lawfully authorized to work in the United States as of the date employment is to begin.
    Lycée provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment.

    Deadline to apply April 2, 2018

Administrative Openings

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Academic Positions

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  • School Counselor LFNY 2018

    The Lycee Francais de New York is seeking a Middle School Counselor to work closely with students in grades 6-9. The ideal candidate will be an experienced counselor who understands school environments and the unique needs of middle school students in a bilingual and multicultural setting. He or she will thrive when collaborating with others and be skilled at working with students, faculty and families alike.
    Emphasis will be placed on counseling students on an individual or small group basis in the solution of personal problems as related to peers, home and family, health, and emotional adjustment. He or she should be available to students so as to provide counseling that will lead to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity.

    The ideal candidate must have a master’s degree in school counseling or be a licensed professional counselor or licensed master of social work. A minimum of five years of experience as a Middle Years Counselor is sought. Experience in an independent school is preferred. The ability to speak French is highly desired.
    He or she will be a collaborative and supportive member of the school community who, while demonstrating other important qualities:
    • Models caring, respect, patience, and appreciation of differences
    • Provides a safe environment for students
    • Upholds school, employee and family confidentiality
    • Participates in effective communication that is responsible, descriptive, and nonjudgmental
    • Adheres to all school policies and procedures
    • As needed offers support during after-hours
    • Likes to work with people and create solutions
    Essential duties and responsibilities
    Reporting to the Director of Student Specialized Support, and working within the Specialized Support team, the essential duties and responsibilities of the Middle School Counselor will include:
    • Maintaining a caseload and provide counseling services for students
    • Providing individual and group counseling services to meet the developmental, preventive and remedial needs of students
    • Consulting with parents, teachers, school administrators, or social workers regarding student adjustment issues
    • Identifying and using clear protocols and processes for assessing and supporting students in need, students in transition and safety concerns
    • Providing resources and referrals to students, parents, faculty and staff
    • Conducting group sessions with students based on needs assessments
    • Collaborating with other members of the school team engaged in work related to student support and advisory to develop and conduct staff and parent training on topics ranging from learning differences, student motivation and peer relations to identity development, psycho/social/sexual development and study skills
    • Facilitating peer mediation.
    • Maintaining records, confidentiality and ethical conduct consistent with established professional standards
    • Serving on the Student Support Team, as well as attending all Y6 to Y9 grade-level advisory team meetings
    • Responding to school crisis and emergency situations by collaborating with the Director of Student Specialized Support, the Director of Student Life and the Director of Secondary and others as needed
    • Working with teachers to develop learning and behavior plans to address specific student learning, emotional, behavioral, and social needs
    • Interpreting psycho-educational testing results or other metrics and making recommendations for action based upon these results to teachers and parents
    • Adhering to ethical standards of the counseling profession, and abiding by the laws, policies, and procedures that govern the schools
    • Participating in professional associations and developing professional knowledge and skills as needed
    • Performing other duties as assigned
    Applications must be submitted online by using this link www.lfny.org/hr/teaching, and any required supporting documentation (cover letter and resume) must be uploaded  via the application form. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, and the position will remain open until filled.

    Lycée provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment.

    The LFNY does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, veteran status, sex, age or sexual orientation in employment, admission of students or in providing its services in any manner.