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About Us

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Citizens of Culture and Courage
Committed to bilingual French and American education of the highest standard, our mission is to prepare students of many origins to be thinkers, innovators and leaders, at home in the world.

We inspire and encourage each student to excel and seek academic and personal challenge, to discover interests and fulfill talents, to embrace diversity and build community, to uphold integrity and contribute to making a difference.
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Selin Nalbantoglu, Class of 2021

Our generation faces great challenges: climate change, the development of artificial intelligence, systemic racism, pandemics...The next generation of leaders must understand these problems, connect many disciplines and embrace diversity to find solutions. This is exactly what the Lycée teaches us.

Strategic Plan

Purpose Statement - “Our Vision: Aujourd’hui et Demain”

The Lycée Français de New York is steadfast in its purpose: to prepare our students today to be the thinkers, innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Our school has always drawn on the strength of our French and American underpinnings to create a unique bilingual, pluricultural learning experience here in New York City. We are forging ahead in providing the most relevant and inspiring education for our students in an interconnected, changing world. Following a process of rigorous self-assessment, we are proud to present a shared vision for the Lycée Français which sustains excellence and enables our students to fulfill their potential throughout their lives.

Our community of parents, faculty, staff, students and Trustees developed this plan together, building on our school’s core educational mission and objectives. This strategy affirms a path on which the Lycée Français de New York has already embarked and which identifies what we need to do to remain the best school we can in the years to come.

Five Strategic Goals

List of 5 items.

  • Advance student achievement through bilingual, pluricultural education of the highest caliber

    • Develop a French-American curriculum that furthers academic excellence, cultural fluency and global citizenship
    • Design a learning environment that cultivates curiosity, creativity, independent thinking, intercultural collaboration and communication
    • Harness information technology to enrich the learning experience
    • Equip all students to thrive in a science-,technology-, engineering- and mathematics-intensive world
  • Lead every student to fulfill her or his greatest potential

    • Nurture the social and emotional learning of students across our challenging program
    • Provide educational support, academic advising and college counseling that meet each student's needs and interests
    • Foster personal growth, teamwork and leadership through expanded athletics and co-curricular activities
    • Develop artistic exploration and expression by strengthening ties among our Cultural Center, arts programs and cultural partners in New York City
  • Empower faculty to develop a collaborative, innovative, mission-driven learning community

    • Establish expectations, means of recognition and opportunities for teachers that allow the school to attract and retain top talent
    • Support faculty innovation through professional development and mentoring
    • Improve our teacher appraisal process to support student learning and faculty growth
    • Build teacher collaboration and leadership across the school
  • Invest in our future by enhancing our facilities

    • Upgrade our space to enable state-of-the-art learning for students at every grade
    • Devote more space to faculty, particularly for their collaborative work and interaction with our students
    • Increase space for student teamwork and recreation
    • Reinforce the environmental sustainability of our space and the activities within it
  • Promote school spirit and our place in the New York community

    • Celebrate the great diversity of the school
    • Deepen volunteering among students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni
    • Maintain accessibility by increasing financial aid and admissions outreach
    • Expand community links through our Cultural Center and service learning programs

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