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With more than 60 nationalities represented among our families, Lycée parents form a vibrant pluricultural community that is actively involved in welcoming and integrating new families into the school. Parental engagement is a cornerstone of the school’s success.
Our parents are active as individuals in their children's lives and also through the Lycée's Parent Association (APL). All parents are members of the APL, whose mission is to facilitate communication and understanding between the Lycée and the parents. An influential voice at the Lycée, the APL works closely with the school’s administration, faculty, staff and the Board. Well structured and active, it offers many opportunities for parents to volunteer their time and play an active role in community life.

Whether you are English or French speaking, there are plenty of opportunities to get together socially and interact – or volunteer – with other parents at welcome coffees, cocktails, special lectures on topics of interest to parents, as well as events that are part of the school’s rich cultural life.

We invite you to contact the APL at to learn more about the APL and why parents are proud to be part of the Lycée community.
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