High School | Grade 9-12

Our intense academic requirements are matched step by step with the supportive, one-on-one teacher relationships that our students need to succeed in both in life and in their rigorous end-of-school Baccalaureate examinations.

Prepared for Life

Widely considered to be the international gold standard in measuring depth and breadth of knowledge, critical thinking, and overall academic achievement, the French baccalaureate is an extended exam period taking place at the end of of 11th and 12th grades. The French baccalaureate comprises 17 to 24 hours of essay exams and two to four oral exams, requiring students to summon not just “what they know” but to test their polemic, persuasive, and organizational skills.

In the 11th grade, students choose among three general areas in which they will be tested: Mathematics and Sciences, Economics and Social Science, or Language and Literature. Students still have the option to pursue subject matters outside of these concentrated tracks, including cinema, music, and fine arts.

Philosophy, French literature, and English literature courses are required across all areas. The ability to craft an argument, delve into abstraction, and hone critical thinking skills remain a cornerstone of the Lycée experience.

In addition to the traditional French baccalaureate, the Lycée offers two other courses of study. All three are considered by the French Ministry of National Education to be equally rigorous.

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  • The OIB Option

    The American Option of the Option Internationale du Baccalaureate (OIB) is a program of the French baccalaureate offering advanced-level studies in English and an integrated History-Geography program taught by French and American faculty. Please note this is not a separate diploma but a specialization within the bac.
  • The Franco-American Baccalaureate (BFA)

    Created by the French Ministry of Education in partnership with U.S. College Board, the BFA adds American Advanced Placement exams to French baccalaureate exams. Depending on their area of concentration, students will take courses and exams in AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Micro- and Macro-economics, AP European History, or AP Biology.