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Board of Trustees

School Governance

As an independent school, the Lycée Français de New York is governed by a Board of Trustees whose activities are prescribed by law and ‘good practice’ guidelines set by NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools – which accredits New York independent schools) and the Board of Regents. Board members volunteer their time and contribute resources to the Lycée. They are not compensated and do not derive any financial benefit from the Lycée.

The Board is responsible for:
  • Oversight of the school’s activities
  • Recruitment and supervision of the Head of School
  • Enacting the Lycée’s mission statement that guides school policies, which are implemented by the school’s administration
  • Review and maintenance of school bylaws and policies consistent with the Lycée’s mission and with the guidelines set by NYSAIS and the Board of Regents
  • The financial operations of the Lycée, including its capital assets, operating budgets, fundraising, and endowment

Lycée Français de New York Board of Trustees

Stephan H. Haimo ‘74, President
Karim Abbadi '96
J. Dean Amro
Heidi de Bethmann
Michel Brogard
Véronique Christory
Daniel Cruise
Susan Fales-Hill ‘80
Kiera Faulkner Jekos
Bethlam Forsa
Véronique Gabaï-Pinsky
Gérard Guillemot
David Jones
Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson '89
David Luttway
Bernard Manuel
Agathe Mordacq
Anna Lynn Oppenheimer
Fadwa Robb
Kate Turley
Ion Yadigaroglu

Ex Officio Members
Evelyne Estey, Head of School 
Cheryl D'Hollander, Co-President of the APL
Emmanuelle Guillant, Co-President of the APL