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Our curriculum combines aspects of our two core academic traditions of France and the United States to create a stimulating bilingual learning environment that focuses on student learning, development and well-being and unleashes the creative potential of every student.
Innovation in project-based learning, STEAM, language learning, the arts and cultural instruction are designed to enhance and deepen our rigorous curriculum. At the Secondary level (grades 6-12), intense preparation for the French Baccalaureate joins both in-class and extracurricular intellectual explorations to prepare students for our complex 21st-century world.

Jérémie Bourdon, Head of School

Throughout their years at the Lycée, our students acquire extensive academic knowledge and develop a deep, empathic understanding of the world. Together, they build skills that allow each of them to thrive with confidence, to engage meaningfully and to make a positive difference throughout their lives, wherever they are.

Faculty Expertise and Interaction

The Lycée attracts education leaders from across the globe, with an emphasis on French-educated teachers, language instructors from their home countries, and open-minded U.S. instructors looking to challenge students — and themselves — in our unique cross-cultural setting.

Our instructors get to know our students as inquisitive and developing young children and adults. Activities like our dialogue hours in the Secondary School, akin to office hours at the college level, means that doors are always open to keep the spirited conversation going.

Full STEAM Ahead

While we don’t know what the future holds, we do know that adept, adaptable individuals with a facility in technology will succeed in it. Our program integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) across curriculums and at all grade levels.

The Lycee is committed to smartly enmeshing STEAM with dedicated personnel in our Makerspace and Media Lab, and through the activities of our science program and Cultural Center. Our students can count on professionals to help them pursue their passions and foster creativity and collaboration.
The curriculum of the French Ministry of Education leads the world in concentrated student preparation. Some American colleges and universities consider a student’s final year at a French high school to be the equivalent of post-secondary education in the United States, as do post-secondary universities in Quebec, parts of Canada, and other countries around the world.

Beyond Bilingualism

    • As a bilingual school, student mastery of French and English is exceptional only in its day to day normality. It’s really just the baseline from which our students develop language fluidity in a third — and often a fourth — language, choosing among Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and German taught by native-speaking instructors. Language is a gateway for our students, allowing them to understand new cultures and unlocking their pluricultural potential.

Partners Programs

    • While the Lycée is a special place, we’re not a self-contained island. Our music students take advantage of Met and New York Philharmonic performances. Our science students unravel the mysteries of life at Cold Spring Harbor’s DNA Learning Center. Our art students visit area museums and welcome working artists. And students at all levels have opportunities to participate in exchange programs across the globe.

Student Support

    • From College Counseling to Secondary advisory to ateliers in the Primary School, our instruction team helps in navigating every stage of our students interpersonal development. Our staff members provide the support and encouragement students need to thrive.

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