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Head of School

In August 2018, Audrey Peverelli joined the Lycée Français de New York as the eighth head of school in our 83-year history. She is an international educator par excellence, with a 30-year career as teacher, director and founder of bilingual schools around the world, including in France, Switzerland, Venezuela and Brazil.
Audrey Peverelli is an Argentine-born, British and Swiss citizen who speaks English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. A self-proclaimed lifelong learner, she was a fellow at Columbia University's prestigious Klingenstein Center. She serves on the Board of the Academy of International School Heads and is an advisor to the Board of Philosophy for Children.

Audrey Peverelli

Through inquiry, students get truly involved in what they are learning and construct personal meaning from it. We as educators are simply their facilitators for learning. Inquiry is most meaningful when it is applied to concepts crossing subjects and disciplines, as things do in the real world. All curricula can be organized this way to deepen understanding and engagement from our students.
Mrs. Peverelli has devoted her career to the areas of student well-being and inquiry-based learning, a student-centered approach that engages children deeply in their subjects. She is excited to be working with the school's leadership team to further strengthen these practices in our unique bilingual French-based curriculum.

Toby Cann, Well-being Specialist

When you have a colleague who can actually deal with the details of a student's life, and then zoom out and have a wider philosophical view of what that young person needs, you have someone who can really inspire and support the development of a young person.
Audrey joins the Lycée Français de New York with her husband, Gérard Peverelli. Her three adult children are themselves quadrilingual graduates of international schools. Today, her two sons live in Los Angeles, and her daughter lives in London.