Student Life
Clubs and Activities

Nurturing Creativity

The Lycée Français de New York is the image of the city of culture and innovation where it resides. We offer a wide variety of clubs in music, dance, theater, visual arts and culinary arts for our students in preschool through twelfth grade. Tapping the talents of our teaching staff and bringing into the school an array of professionals in music, art and theater, Lycée students nurture their passion and learn to play an instrument, to sing, to act, or do all of this in the school musical.
The Lycée's Primary Choir and Harmonie Band for beginning musicians are offered to students with a passion to take part. Participants present the fruits of their work at the annual Winter Concert, the Spring Concert, and at special events at the Lycée and elsewhere throughout the school year.

During the Lycée's Première Scène French Theater Festival, 400 students of all ages from public and private schools across the US, Canada and France, take part in an annual weekend-long competition of one-act short plays before a jury of theater professionals.

In the Primary, students learn chess and compete on competitive chess team. They can also choose from Arabic or Mandarin, computer programming, graphic design, comic book creation, television broadcasting and many other activities.