Culture and the Arts

Visual Arts

From Primary through Secondary, the visual arts play an important part across classroom activities. Specifically, the Primary school has a dedicated art room, where students develop fine motor skills and creativity through the arts of drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics and more. Deeply integrated into the curriculum, especially through our project-based learning programs, students learn about art history, storytelling and tap their creativity to bring their learning to life.
In Middle School, all students are required to take fine arts classes, with a course of study that includes art history, regular museum visits and development of finer skills in drawing, painting and sculpture. At the high-school level, students who select an elective concentration in art, further develop their skills in photography, cinema and fine art going beyond basic art projects to learn the social role of art through contemporary art and their own unique works.

In the after-school program, students have further opportunities to develop their skills.