COVID-19 Response

Secondary School | Sixth to Twelfth Grade

The Lycée's hybrid model in Secondary is rooted in a core philosophy that human interaction is fundamental to learning, with the balance of in-school learning and online learning time for children determined by their level of social and emotional development and the academic program at each grade level.

The hybrid model in Secondary has been designed to help our students meet the rigorous requirements of the French programme, including French national exams such as the Brevet and Baccalaureate. At the same time, it integrates hallmarks of the American independent school tradition such as advisory, college counseling, student clubs, student government, and other extra-curricular activities. In-person learning time is optimized in this model, with smaller class sizes and less downtime between classes.

With the support of rigorous health and safety protocols and procedures across the school, the Secondary School's seven-day academic cycle gives ample opportunity for students to learn new subjects with in-person and online time for collaboration on projects and activities: 

  • Students are organized in learning communities of 8 to 12 students, with every effort made to reduce the number of person-to-person contacts throughout the school day. 
  • In-person learning time with their teachers and classmates takes place three half days (middle school) or four half days (high school) out of each seven-day cycle.  
  • Clear demarcations for circulation within the building between classes and assigned seats further support health and safety.
  • Care has been made to align schedules with siblings in lower grades to make commute to and from school easier for families
  • Parents maintain regular contact their children's teachers with open lines of communication with all.
  • The child's advisor has a birds-eye view of students progress in all classes throughout the school year and is available to parents to address concerns.

One cycle day a week is a reserved as an online study day, with time for dialogue hours with teachers, special programs and speakers from the Cultural Center. Occasional assemblies and other activities also take place this day in both live and some pre-recorded sessions.

Nicolas L'Hotellier, Associate Head of School, Director of Secondary

We learned from our experience of online learning that while it is a highly efficient way for students to build knowledge, the side effect of isolation and loneliness is challenging for students, especially in middle school years. Human interaction is fundamental to learning.

Online Lycée - for those who need it 
All Secondary students have an option to opt for a fully online program. Students are integrated fully into the regular program and follow in-person sessions from home via a live feed. Students join their classmates for all online sessions and programs. Middle school students are equipped with an iPad for these sessions. High school students work from their own laptops, with financial support available to purchase if needed.