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Preschool | Nursery, Pre-K, and K

With the support of rigorous health and safety protocols and procedures across the school, our hybrid bilingual Preschool Program blends an in-person and an online Preschool curriculum that integrates child social and emotional development, project-based learning and plenty of time for play:

  • Students are organized in pods of 11 to 14 students. 
  • Reduced class size facilitates student learning and supports health and safety by keeping small clusters of students together and reducing the number of person-to-person contacts in a given school day. 
  • In-person time with their teachers four out of five days a week helps build and maintain strong connections between students and teachers, further strengthening student learning.
  • A fully bilingual learning model, students in each pod alternate their days in the school with one Francophone and one Anglophone teacher.
  • Parents maintain regular contact with teachers through an online classroom portal for each student, with easy-to-follow activities posted for at-home learning.

Veronica McGivney-Park, Director of the Preschool

Learning how to interact with a teacher, developing social skills, learning empathy and becoming truly bilingual happens best when children are preschool-age. We have created a hybrid program that supports the development of these skills in a safe and joyful environment for our students.
In the Lycée's hybrid model, the schedule for in-school learning and online learning time is determined by the students' level of social and emotional development. Students in Maternelle (Preschool), will spend a half day, four days a week in-person at school, with time for play and recess, so important in the youngest grades. 

Nursery school in-person classes take place in the morning each day. PreK and Kindergarten students follow a half-day morning or afternoon schedule in person at school. Depending on their schedule, all Preschool students begin or round out the day in a live online session with their teachers.

Fridays are fully online for all Preschool students and are reserved for special subjects, including art, music, family activities and occasional assemblies, in both live and some pre-recorded sessions. 

Fostering bilingualism
The development of bilingualism in French and in English in preparation for elementary school is at the center of this program. In the Preschool, students in each pod alternate their days in the school with one Francophone and one Anglophone teacher. Friday online sessions take place in English or in French, depending on the class and program for the day.

Online Lycée - for those who need it 
Preschool students have an option to opt for a fully online program, with dedicated teachers and a continued balance of 50-50 French and English. The day includes live and pre-recorded online sessions that include art, music, and even playtime. Schedules are posted each week for ease of parent-guardian planning. 
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