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Elementary | First to Fifth grade

These years in the French curriculum are essential and rigorous ones for our elementary school students. In the Lycée's hybrid model, all core subjects in the French programme take place in person at school, with the balance of in-school learning and online learning time for children determined by their level of social and emotional development and the academic program at each grade level.

  • Students are organized in pods of 11 to 14 students. 
  • Reduced class size facilitates student learning and supports health and safety by keeping small clusters of students together and reducing the number of person-to-person contacts in a given school day. 
  • In-person time with their teachers four out of five days a week helps build and maintain strong connections between students and teachers, further strengthening student learning.
  • Each child is equipped with their own iPad to take home for online classroom activities.
  • Parents maintain regular contact with teachers through an online classroom portal for each student, with easy-to-follow activities posted for at home learning.

Fridays take place entirely online and are reserved for all special subjects, including weekly art, music and science classes. Occasional assemblies and other activities also take place this day in both live and some pre-recorded sessions.

Vannina Boussouf, Assistant Head of School, Director of Primary

The essential role of the teacher-student relationship is central to our hybrid learning model. Near daily in-person time with teachers, smaller class sizes and a focus on our core French curriculum for in-person learning will help keep our students on track in their learning throughout the school year.
For first and second Graders:  An emphasis on French- and English-language reading and writing 
First- and second-grade students will attend class in person for four full days a week, with Fridays reserved for online activities. They learn to write in cursive and read, using a kinesthetic approach in a bilingual model that necessitates significant in-person time. Students in each pod alternate their days in school with one Francophone and one Anglophone teacher. 

For third, fourth and fifth graders: Focus on core French curriculum in preparation for Secondary School
In third, fourth and fifth grade, students will spend four days a week in school in half-day blocks with a Francophone homeroom teacher. All core subjects in the French curriculum, such as reading, math, history, and French, will take place in person in these grades, essential preparation for our students to meet the challenges of our Secondary School program.

In the afternoons, students in third, fourth and fifth grade will continue with regular English classes and bînome bilingual projects with their teachers in live and pre-recorded online learning sessions. Extra tutoring in French and in English for students will be available in live online Sessions. The English Language Learners (ELL) program, for children new to English, is available to all elementary students who need it.

Online Lycée - for those who need it 
All elementary students have an option to opt for a fully online program, with a dedicated francophone homeroom teacher. The day includes live and pre-recorded online sessions that include French and English grammar, reading, writing, as well as math, science and history. Students join their classmates on Fridays for online art, music, specials classes and assemblies. Students are equipped with a Lycée-provided iPad for these sessions. Schedules are posted each week for ease of parent-guardian planning. 
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