Student Life

Service Learning

Inspiring our students to make a difference in the lives of others is at the core of the Lycée's mission. This key value takes a prominent place across the Lycée's curriculum through the school's evolving service-learning initiatives.
An extension of community service and our project-based learning initiatives, service learning invites students through their coursework and special projects to understand and seek solutions to societal challenges to:
  • Give their learning a sense of purpose
  • Develop skills in the area of research, project development, and collaboration
  • Help them understand the issues facing themselves, their community and the world around them
  • Open their eyes to the needs of those around them
  • Develop their sense of leadership and responsibility toward others
Service Learning takes on added dimensions in our bilingual and pluricultural environment. Our experience is that students learning in this environment have a deeper understanding of differences and an adaptability and sensitivity that opens up their opportunities to give and also to learn from others.
In addition to the school's ninth-grade social entrepreneurship curriculum, two dedicated teachers—service-learning integrators—work closely with teachers and the program's director across the school to develop projects at the classroom, school, local, national and international level.