Première Scène

The French theater festival, Première Scène, hosted each winter by the Lycée, is a juried competition that celebrates the language and cultures of France and Francophonie. Student groups from the fifth to twelfth grade levels are invited to perform either an existing play or one they have written themselves.

Founded in 1999, Première Scène presents a unique opportunity for students who already speak French or are learning French to immerse themselves in French language and culture. Many participants have only studied French for a year or two, and the Festival presents them with an exciting challenge and opportunity to learn lines, delve into the meaning of words and phrases, perform in front of their families in a new foreign language, and meet and learn from new friends in French. New York City public schools offering a dual-language programs as well as French Heritage schools are represented among the participants.

Various prizes are awarded by the festival jury including best play, best male and female performance, and best original work.

Support for the festival is generously made possible by the Cadahemark Foundation.

Attend or Watch the Event

The 2017 festival will take place Friday, January 27 and Saturday, January 28. The theme is “attention!”

Click here to see the photos of the 2015 event and here to read an article about the event.

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Note that the event is streamed live directly from the LFNY Life blog. Click here to watch it.


Première Scène 2016 explored the theme “Desire and Disgust”.