Faculty and Staff DEI Committee

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is responsible for setting and implementing the school's DEI goals. It comprises 14 core members of the Lycée's faculty and staff, including teachers, administrators and student support staff who represent many different origins and areas of the school, with 40 additional faculty and staff  volunteers.

The Committee's four main goals for 2020-2021 are:

Goal 1 : Create equitable experiences for students

  • Developing clear anti-bias reporting mechanisms and structures for students at all grade levels
  • Implementing school-wide training for faculty, staff and students, including workshops on unconscious bias and the history of racism 
  • Broadening the diversity of faculty and staff through recruitment, with support from Jen Cort, who advises schools and institutions around the country on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. 
  • The creation of a revised EOE statement.

Goal 2 : Enhance community reporting, representation and resource sharing on diversity, equity and inclusion, and related topics

  • Benchmarking our activities with New York City independent schools, North American independent schools and French schools
  • Keeping our community engaged and informed about our activities, through Head of School communications, weekly newsletter and other channels
  • Sharing stories of our activities on our school blog, including student, classroom, Cultural Center, training and community activities, representing many different points of view and perspectives

Goal 3 : Bring a diversity of perspectives and experiences into the curriculum

  • Making classroom resources, in French and in English, more reflective of diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Dedicating a significant portion of Lycée's Cultural Center programming to diversity, equity and inclusion-related topics, including student conferences, workshops, artist-in-residence program, and cultural events
  • Expanding professional development opportunities, including continuing annual faculty and staff participation in the NAIS People of Color Conference, Dalton Diversity Conference, with a goal of broadening representation in Primary, in Secondary, and in the Administration

Goal 4 : Research and development

  • Learning from the efforts of other independent schools and institutions around the world to implement processes, procedures, and accountability measures and best practices in education and outreach for the Lycée's bilingual, international community.

Clarissa Sylvestre, Chair, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is one that requires community, builds community and strengthens community.  This work, involving all of us, is not a one-time, nor a one-year effort. Rather, It is ongoing work that is rooted in our mission and essential to ensuring that each and every student thrives and fulfills their greatest potential at the school.