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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Lycée Français de New York is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for learning, self-discovery and personal growth to every student.
Our families, teachers and staff hail from many different origins, and our community is made all the stronger because of them. Through our growing commitment to increasing our financial aid, which has increased tenfold in the past decade, the Lycée works actively to maintain broad representation of backgrounds and experiences across our student body.

Hallmarks of Lycée life — from our academic programs to our co-curricular offerings to the community itself — are our openness and the multitude of experiences we can draw on each day to enhance every aspect of student learning. Enhanced through daytime lectures, as well as evening panels and film screenings at the Lycée's Cultural Center, students of all ages and our entire community are afforded many opportunities for lively dialogue and debate on diversity issues, exploring culture and cultural approaches to diversity in myriad ways.

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  • In the Primary

    The topic of diversity, and of teaching children to understand, embrace and grow from our differences, is developed from the earliest days of the preschool. Students learn throughout their years to respect oneself and others around them in a diversity curriculum that begins with understanding oneself and broadens over the course of their Primary schooling to include their classmates, their city, their community, their countries and the world around them.
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  • In the Secondary

    Tapping the natural empathy that comes from learning in two languages as well as the expansive cultural heritage of the U.S. and Francophonie, in the Secondary School, the curriculum is adopting a culturally inclusive program, where teachers are encouraged to think broadly and to tap the experiences of many in the development of academic programs.
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  • Student Secondary Diversity Club

    Guided by two faculty advisors, Secondary students lead an active Diversity Club. "If you're not comfortable, you're not learning," as club participants like to say, as they work with maturity to confront the challenges facing themselves, classmates and our society.
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